SPGF001 – Struggles of Mr Godwin Jona whose baby mama left him.

We had Mr. Godwin Jona today on our podcast. He is a single parent dad and he supports his daughter by being a bricklayer. His 11 years old daughter relies on the 8 dollars (3,000 naira) her father makes any time he gets a day job. When there is no job, Mr. Godwin sells unisex […]

How to survive as a single mother in Nigeria

Parenting can be quite an arduous adventure. It is hard enough with a committed partner, but when you are doing it alone, especially in Nigeria, the difficulty rises to a whole new level. It can be tricky, maintaining good mental health, thriving as an individual and nurturing your children in the best possible manner. There […]

Effect Of Single Parenting On A Child by Elwins

In today’s generation, people are more liberated. And because of that, a lot of things are going on today that was never heard of before. Say for example, the concept of being a single parent. Single parents are scattered all over the world, so we can’t say that it is because of culture or economic […]


Single parenthood is the practice of raising children or building a family without a spouse or partner. As a system of building a family, single parenthood is becoming acceptable in our society. In Nigeria, single parenthood was formerly an anathema. Where it existed at all, it was treated as an abnormal case. However, nowadays, single […]

How To Introduce Your kid To Your New Partner

As one parent, it’s invariably troublesome to understand once is suitable to introduce your new spouse to your youngsters. It will be extraordinarily nerve-wracking, as you’ll fret for them to be received, and for all parties to induce on amicably. After all, this is often somebody that you simply see being in your life going […]

Chores for kids per Age

As parents, it’s natural to need to produce and do everything for your youngsters. however doing therefore would possibly find yourself being harmful. in spite of however painful it’s to observe your kids struggle with new chores the primary few times, fight the urge to try and do it for them. Asking your youngsters – […]

Ways to search out Joy within the Single family relationship Journey.

The journey. Wow. generally that feels like a really serious and arduous word. Journey means that the act of traveling from one place to a different. A line from purpose A to purpose B. From one destination to a distinct one. The arrival to single family relationship is totally different for all folks. perhaps there […]

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