SPGF001 – Struggles of Mr Godwin Jona whose baby mama left him.

We had Mr. Godwin Jona today on our podcast.

He is a single parent dad and he supports his daughter by being a bricklayer. His 11 years old daughter relies on the 8 dollars (3,000 naira) her father makes any time he gets a day job.

When there is no job, Mr. Godwin sells unisex clothes in order to support his daughter.

Godwin entered a relationship with a lady that he didn’t know much about and they had a daughter together. They were not married legally.

After the birth of their daughter, due to the hardship, his girlfriend started flirting with other men.

She finally left Godwin with their child and went to stay with her husband which she never told Godwin of.

After some time, she brought back the child to Godwin that her husband does not want her carrying another father’s child.

Now Mr. Godwin is a single dad and struggles to raise his daughter.

He currently supports her with help of friends.

Single Parenthood Global Foundation helps to cater for his daugher.

Lessons to learn.

  1. Please find out more information about who you are related to.
  2. Before having a child, make sure you have seen your partner’s parents.


SPGF001 – Struggles of Mr Godwin Jona whose baby mama left him.

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